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Reaching out to the World: A Call to Action. An introduction to Spanda.

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Spanda Foundation maintains Consultative Status with the United Nations
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


M   A    N   D   A   T   E       &      O   B   J   E   C   T   I   V   E   S

The Spanda Foundation has a cross-cultural goal, aiming to a better
understanding among people through a deeper knowledge of their mutual cultures,
ideas, traditions, faiths and beliefs in a dialogue intended to stimulate cultural diversity.
At the heart of this mission is an aspiration to contribute to the achievement
of a higher individual and collective state of consciousness.
Spanda is particularly interested in projects that encourage freedom of inquiry,
imagination, insight, creativity and expression.
Spanda is active in promoting individual and collective development, culture,
education, health, the environment, microfinance, scientific initiatives
and projects that add social value by fostering creative solutions
and strategic resources and that, by serving the common good,
may advance human progress and enrich communities
towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.


A   I   M  S

  • To promote transnational and international development and cooperation to advance human achievement.
  • To promote the transition to participatory sustainability for the future and the implementation of ways for society to live in balance with the natural world.
  • To promote the understanding of factors affecting the quality of life for the future of humanity.
  • To promote humane health care and greater equity in global health and education.
  • To support innovative programs that challenge existing cultural, social and scientific patterns and to introduce new models of practice.
  • To promote the study, the preservation and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage and indigenous knowledge (IK) while fostering the ecological awareness for future generations.
  • To use science and education to promote solutions that help conserve nature.
  • To promote and foster relations and exchange of cultural, artistic, religious and scientific values among people, countries, regions and groupings, particularly by seeking to generate mutual understanding and acceptance at grassroots levels for their intellectual, cultural and spiritual heritage.
  • To provide the bridge for cultural and scientific exchange and appreciation between Eastern and Western cultures, and facilitate and enhance educational opportunities for the community.
  • To collect and disseminate knowledge and information about the arts and culture in both policy and practice and by serving as a locus for interdisciplinary exploration of higher education.
  • To enhance dialogue and interactive interchange between cultures on a wide range of issues, thereby improving bilateral and multilateral relations.
  • To encourage research and cultural exchange through community and academic learning.
  • To support the collection and provision of international exchange information and international cultural exchange standard bearers.


    Spanda, as independent facilitator between the official public bodies, the academic world and the cultural and scientific fields, seeks to achieve its aims by means of research; by publishing studies, organizing and promoting cultural events, courses and training programs, and by distributing educational content; by providing information, comprehensive training, equipment, consultations, and exhibition opportunities to independent and public cultural and scientific operators; by awarding grants, prizes and scholarships; by fostering the preparation of essential human, academic, professional and scientific resources and expertise for the highest quality of professional performance; by gathering and disseminating accurate information through catalogues, databases, journals, photographic archives, publications, and other compendia; by sharing of expertise, direct exchange of research and experience through conferences, symposia, seminars and other professional meetings; by maintaining a library and documentation centre, and all other activities, endeavours, ventures and undertakings, none excluded, consistent with its institutional aim and deemed useful to its achievement. The Foundation acts in an advisory capacity to governments, parliaments and social organizations.

Spanda Foundation


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