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Selected links of interest

Australian Institute of Family Studies
The Brandon Teena Story
Center for Partnership Studies - USA
Center for the Study of Women - University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Center for Women and Policing - USA
Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children - Canada
Coalition Against Rape - USA
Commission on the Advancement of Women
Commission on Domestic Violence - American Bar Association - USA
Communities and New Technologies Outreach Course for Women (CANTO) - Northern Ireland
Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET) - USA
Cybergrrl SafetyNet - USA
Domestic Violence Articles
Domestic Violence Bookstore - USA
Domestic Violence Information Center - Feminist Majority Foundation - USA
Domestic Violence Resources: Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Domestic Violence Resources - Institute for Global Communications
Domestic Violence Resources - The Paladin Group - USA
Elana - Cameroon
Family Violence Awareness Page - USA
Family Violence Links - USA
Family Violence Prevention Fund - USA
Feminews - see the news through women's eyes
Feminist Majority Foundation - USA
Feminist News - Feminist Majority Foundation
International Federation of University Women - Switzerland
Gay Hate Crimes
Gift from Within - understanding the victims of spousal abuse
MADRE - international women's human rights organization
Men Against Violence Webring Men's Referral Service - help for men concerned about their behaviour in the home - Australia
Metro Action Committee on Public Violence Against Women and Children - Canada
Ministry of Women's Equality - Canada
Nonviolent Alternatives - USA Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography - National Film Board of Canada
National Organization for Women (NOW) - USA
Pace Womens' Justice Center
Phenomenal Women of the Web Against Domestic Violence - USA
Phenomenal Women of the Web Against Domestic Violence: Organizations - USA Prevention of Violence Against Women Week - 23-29 April 2001 - Canada
Red Flag Green Flag Resources - sexual abuse and domestic violence prevention materials - USA
Resources for Change - USA
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Rural Womyn Zone - USA
Safe Schools Coalition
Sex Trafficking Hearing
- U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights Sexual Assault Information Page
Sexual Assault Interactive Theatre - USA
Stand - against domestic violence - USA
Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan
SurvivorShip - USA
Tanzania Gender Networking Programme
Toolkit to end Violence Against Women - US Department of Justice
Transformations - play about rape culture - USA
United Nations Women Watch
Victims of Spousal Abuse - USA
Violence Against Women Office - US Department of Justice
Violence Against Women Prevention Act of 1998 - USA
Voices Set Free - ending violence against women and children - USA
Wellesley Centers for Research on Women - USA
Western Institute of Therapeutic Studies - USA Women and Gender Studies Links - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Women in Transition - empowering women endangered by domestic violence to change their lives - USA
Women of Color Web - USA
Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
Women's Human Rights Resources - Canada
Women's Issues in Africa
Women's Resource Information and Support Centre - Australia
Women's Studies - University of Minnesota
Women's World Summit Foundation
Wounded Healer Journal - for psychotherapists and survivors of abuse - USA
The School for Violence - A conversation with Riane Eisler
Agenda - quarterly journal
Farzaneh - Journal of Women's Studies and Research in Iran and Muslim Countries



AIDS Consortium
AIDS Info - Oneworld
Centre for the Study of AIDS (CSA) - University of Pretoria
Child HIV/AIDS Services - directory of organisations
The Body - an AIDS and HIV information resource
HIV/AIDS in Africa - University of St. Andrews - UK
HIV Stops With Me
UNAIDS December 2005 Update [PDF]
AIDS,Sex, and Globalization - Dennis Altman
We All Have AIDS - Donald M. Berwick (2001)
Risking Death to Stay Alive - The XIV International AIDS Conference, July 11, 2002
Global Apartheid - Salih Booker & William Minter (2001)
AIDS and Poverty in Africa - Eileen Stillwaggon (2001)
Psychology in Society: Special Edition
Sex News - in language that ordinary people can understand


Human Rights

African Human Rights Resource Center - Uganda
AfroNet - Inter-African Network for Human Rights and Development
Science and Human Rights Program
Canadian Human Rights Reporter
Center for the Study of Human Rights - Columbia University
Centre for the Study of Human Rights - London School of Economics
Centre for Human Rights - University of Pretoria
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI)
Derechos Human Rights - Internet based human rights organisation
Directory of Human Rights Organisations
Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet - American Association for the Advancement of Science
Engaged Buddhists
Forefront - Global Network of Young Human Rights Activists
François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights - Harvard School of Public Health
Global Lawyers and Physicians for Human Rights - USA
Health and Human Rights Consortium - USA
Health and Human Rights Database: Global Lawyers and Physicians - USA
Historical Memory Project - John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Human Rights and Peace Campaign
- Nepal Human Rights Documentation Centre (HRDC)
Human Rights in Subsaharan Africa - Derechos
Human Rights Information and Documentation Center - Georgia
Human Rights Education Materials
Human Rights in the African Context: Bibliography
Human Rights: Institute for Global Communications (IGC)
Human Rights Interactive Network
Human Rights Internet (HRI)
Human Rights Library: University of Minnesota
Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa (SAHRIT) - Zimbabwe
Human Rights: United Nations
Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Human Rights Web
Human Strategies for Human Rights
Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN)
InteRights - International centre for the legal protection of human rights
International Society for Health and Human Rights
Koaga Roneeta - online journal of human rights
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights - USA
Lawyers for Human Rights
MADRE - international women's organization
Michigan State University: Global Access
National Society for Human Rights - Namibia
Physicians for Human Rights (PHRUSA)
Research and Training on Human Rights, Gender Issues and Democracy in Southern Africa - Namibia
Science and Human Rights Data Center - American Association for the Advancement of Science
Sinlung Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organisation - The Sinlung indigenous peoples of Northeast India
South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)
Southern African HR NGOs Network (SAHRINGON) - Namibia
Struggle Against Descrimination - a collection of international instruments adopted by the United Nations System
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
United Nations: Human Rights Resources
United Nations Human Rights Treaties
Zimbabwe war veteran speaks - Glynnis Underhill


Transition and Reconciliation

African Network on Truth Justice and Reconciliation
Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR)
Cape Town Holocaust Centre
Chilean Truth Commission Rettig Report
Conciliation Resources (CR)
CyberSpace Graveyard for Disappeared Persons
Guatemalan Truth Commission
Healing Through Remembering - Northern Ireland
Holocaust - USA
Holocaust History Project
INCORE guide to Internet sources on Truth and Reconciliation
International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)
International Internet Bibliography on Transitional Justice
International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict - USA
Peacebuilding Healing and Reconciliation Programme (PHARP)
Pinochet Archive
Pinochet Watch
'sorry' - M/C Journal
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in Latin America
Supporting Reconciliation and Forgiveness - Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research - strategic choices in the design of truth commissions
Truth, Reconciliation, Justice - Weltfriedensdienst (WFD) - in German
United States Institute of Peace
Vanished Gallery
Victim Offender Mediation Association
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)
State Violence in Guatemala 1960 - 1996 - American Association for the Advancement of Science
We Will Remember Them - Sir Kenneth Bloomfield's Report - Northern Ireland (1998)
Truth Commissions: A comparative assessment - An interdisciplinary discussion held at Harvard Law School (1996)
Owning the Process - South Africa Feature Study - ACCORD
Without Impunity - Derechos Human Rights


Trauma and Mental Health

African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) - Uganda
Amani Trust: Community-based care of the survivors of torture and organised violence - Zimbabwe
American Psychological Association
Association for Humanistic Psychology - USA
Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims Berlin
Center for Victims of Torture - USA
Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace
Crime Victims' Rights - USA
Crisis, Grief & Healing - USA
Critical Psychiatry
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme - Palestine
Grief Resources
Gift From Within - charity for survivors of trauma and victimization - USA
Institute for Psychohistory
Institute for Victims of Trauma - USA
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) - Denmark
International Trauma Treatment Program
Legacy Project
Médecins Sans Frontières
Mental Health Databases - USA
National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- USA National Crime Victim's Research and Treatment Center - USA
National Organisation for Victim Assistance - USA
Physicians for Social Responsibility: Violence Prevention (PSR) - USA
Post Traumatic Stress Resouces - USA
Psych Info - American Psychological Association
Dorothy Rowe - Psychologist and Author
Safe Horizon
Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation - USA
SurvivorShip - USA
Torture Survivor's Network
Trauma Information Pages - David Baldwin - Trauma Specialist
Traumatic Stress Institute - USA
Victim Assistance
Victim-Assistance Online - Canada
Victimology International
Victims of Crime - USA
Victims of Crime Program - USA
Grief Like No Other - families of murder victims (1997)
Looks like we're all Oedipus wrecks - Tony Humphreys (2000)



An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet - Michigan State University
Action Without Borders
Africa Book Centre
Africa Online
Africa South of the Sahara - Stanford University
Africa Watch
Africanews: News and Views on Africa from Africa
Africa Policy Information Center (APIC) - USA
African Commission on Human and People's Rights
African Human Rights Resource Center
African Studies WWW - University of Pennsylvania
All Africa Internet Guide - researcher's guide to Africa's best web sites
Amnesty International
Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Boston Research Center for the 21st Century - USA
California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS)
Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR)
Center Against Violence and Abuse - USA
Center for Afroamerican and African Studies
Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Center for Partnership Studies - USA
Center for Social Policy and Institutional Development - USA
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) - USA
Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence
Center for Violence Prevention and Control - USA
Center on Institutions and Alternatives - USA
Centre for Advanced Research on Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Centre for African Development Research and Education (CADRE)
Centre for Cooperative Research in Social Sciences
Centre for Global and Social Analysis - Canada
Centre for Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation - Coventry University
Centre for the Study of Conflict - Northern Ireland
Civnet - published by CIVITAS International - a portal on Southern civil societies
Coalition for International Justice
Common Bond Institute - Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP)
Communication Initiative - communication for social change
Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET) - USA
Comparative Regional Integration Studies
Conciliation Resources
Conflict Prevention Resources
Context Institute - a resource for human sustainable culture - USA
Democratic Dialogue - Northern Ireland
Department for International Development (DFID) - UK Govt
Development Links
eCommonwealth - virtual meeting place for the Commonwealth Community
Encounter-EMEM - for Middle East Peace Activists
Fahamu - Learning for change
Foundation Center - USA
Global Education Associates
Global Urban Observatory - United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Home
Governance Resource Centre Exchange (GRC) - UK
GreenNet - UK
Greenpeace International
Heifer Project International - donate an animal to a needy family
Impact Online - USA
Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD)
Institute for Global Communications
Institute for Policy Studies - USA
Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) - UN on Africa
International Development Research Centre (IDRC) - Canada
International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) - Netherlands
International Peace Academy (IPA) - USA
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
International Relations Resources
International Society for Third-Sector Research - USA
Kabissa - for the African non-profit sector
Legacies of Authoritarianism - University of Wisconsin
Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)
Network of Violence Prevention Practioners
Non-governmental (and govermental) links galore - Professor of International Politics, Vincent Ferraro's home page
Nonviolence International - USA
Nonviolence Web - USA
No Peace Without Justice
One World Action - UK
Organisation of African Unity
Pacific Center for Violence Prevention - USA
Partnerships Against Violence Network - USA
Peace 2000
People-Centered Development Forum - USA
Privacy International
Refusing to Kill
Resources for Peace - links and information on peace and nonviolence
Resources for Social Workers
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre
SouthScan - Africa
Struggle Against Discrimination - a collection of international instruments adopted by the United Nations System
SustainAbility - an independent think tank and strategy consultancy - UK
United Nations and International Organisations and Related Links
United Nations Scholars' Workstation - Yale University
United Nations Structure (diagram)
United Nations System of Organizations
UN Watch
United States Institute of Peace
United States Public Affairs - formerly USIS
Vera Institute of Justice - USA
Violence Intervention and Prevention Institute - USA
Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
Violence Prevention Organisations - USA
Violence Prevention Policy Center - USA
Violence Prevention Research Program - USA
Violence Research Programme - Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) - UK
Voices in Wartime
War Resisters' International
Washington Office on Latin America
World Council of Churches (WCC)
World Report on Violence and Health - World Health Organisation (WHO)
Accord - an international review of peace initiatives
ACME - an international e-journal for critical geographies
African Studies Quarterly
Bad Subjects - those that provoke the intervention of the (repressive) State apparatus
Border and Transcultural Studies - collected journals
Cultural Logic
Culture Machine - generating research in culture and theory
Development in Practice - Oxfam
Directory of Open Access Journals
Electronic Journal of Sociology
Ephemera - critical dialogues on organization
First Monday and the Evolution of Electronic Journals - Edward Valauskas
Freedom Road
Foreign Policy - global politics, economics and ideas
H-Africa Journals
International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication - online journals
The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP)
Journals List - collected jounals
Polylog - forum for intercultural philosophizing
Postmodern Culture
Postscript - an online jounal of postgraduate research
Mots Pluriels - relating to African experience in both English and French
Pambazuka Newsletter - advocacy tool for social justice
The Qualitative Report - online journal dedicated to qualitative research
Safundi - the journal of South African and American comparative studies
Sage Publications
Third World Quarterly - journal of emerging areas
The Thresher - a political journal
Unisa Journals


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